Why Do Most Of Us Fail In Our Efforts For Self Improvement?

 The reason most people fail at self improvement is because improving yourself is inherently hard. 

There are tons of people that do the same thing every day and they never change.

The reason why is that change is difficult. It is not easy to change your lifestyle or try to change your mindset.

A lot of change for most people is forced.

For example if you don’t have enough money you don’t eat as much.

Or you’ve had an easy upbringing. So you don’t have much sympathy.

Then eventually when you experience hard times you will become more sympathetic.

These are the ways people make drastic changes without extreme circumstances.

When you are changing your body and changing your mindset you are always going to encounter roadblocks along the way.

It’s not easy and you’re never gonna feel comfortable. 

For example, I personally lost 40 pounds and I was considered stocky my whole life.

My weightloss transformation is not even that drastic of a change compared to someone who is obese and needs to lose a 100 to 200 pounds.

On my weight loss journey it was very difficult.

Losing weight isn’t a steady decline. 

You hit a lot of walls along the way. 

Certain weight loss goals that you set seem unachievable because you could wake up and look at the same number on the scale for multiple days in a row even though you are in a calorie deficit.

That’s why a lot of people struggle with weight loss because you’re going to feel weak sometimes.

I’m not gonna say I had the perfect way of losing weight and my way of getting down to the size I wanted to. I probably was a little too extreme in my weight loss.

A lot of people might think that if someone’s overweight. It is easy for them to lose weight. But you have to remember those walls that you hit vary person to person. 

Usually weight walls come every 10 to 20 pounds. If you are in decent shape before the weight loss.

But if you’re obese those walls can be every 30 to 40 pounds or even larger depending on the size.

That’s why no matter what size someone is, it’s hard to lose weight all around. 

Weight loss is the best example to dive deep into why most people fail at self improvement.

The journey is not gonna be easy and there’s gonna be many ups and downs.

Even on my journey to losing weight there were times where I rebounded and I gained back some of the progress that I achieved. 

A lot of people at that moment wouldn’t be able to stick it through and even sometimes for me I didn’t even know if I could reach the goal weight I wanted to. 

My best advice is to just stick through the lows in the highs and consistency is key.

If you are consistent in the long term you will eventually reach the goals that you want to achieve.