Why Beta Males Become Movie Stars?

Not every movie star is a beta male. The journey to become a movie star in most cases, and the pressure that fills that role will turn anyone into an alpha.


Pressure creates diamonds, and as a movie star, the world is on your shoulders. All eyes are on you.


The beta males are the ones that desire to be movie stars in most cases.


Anyone who desires to be famous alone, especially without putting in the work is a beta male.

Movie stars are not beta males, most of them are talented in the craft of acting and everything that goes into it. They study film and practice acting daily.


The beta male wants to be moviestar solely for the fame aspect.


This archetype is a person who calls themselves an actor without learning the intricacies of acting and film. 


Someone who wants the label to feel the validation of feeling important is a beta male. Alpha males do not seek validation.

alpha male actor

Most movie stars fell in love with acting and film, and as a byproduct became famous pursuing a career out of acting. They just wanted to make a job out of acting.


However, individuals who pursue the career with the intention of becoming famous and popular, those individuals are seeking validation. They want to please others with a label.


The real question to raise is not ‘why do beta males become movie stars?’. The real question that should be raised is ‘why do beta males WANT to become movie stars?’.



Seeking validation from others will only lead you to chase others’ opinions of you for eternity.

Be content that some will hate you, others will like you, but it’s not your job to please anyone. 

Understand that making decisions will inevitably affect people’s perception of you.

Just be your authentic self, pursue your passions, and do not worry about opinions.

The only criticism you should take is from people who want your best interest. 

If acting and film is something you really are passionate about, there is nothing beta about wanting to be an actor.

It becomes beta when you want to be an actor solely for fame.

Funny thing is, you would be lucky if you could make a career out of acting, so pursuing fame alone will surely result in failure to do so.


Actors who just get paid enough to live off of are winning, and those seem to be the rarity. 


In summation, pursue your goals and passions without the thought of how others will perceive you.

Alphas do not even take that into consideration when making a decision.

Do not chase validation and improve how others view you.


With social media encouraging that, try not to fall into that trap. Do things because you want to do them, not because you will look better or worse if you do or do not do those things. 

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