The cryptocurrency market has been plagued with greed and manipulation.

Bitcoin is a perfect example of a coin that has been a failure in its success from the recent bull market.

Manipulation in the crypto market is at an all time high. Whales are taking advantage of their bags and making the crypto market the wild west with huge ups and downs daily.

No practical currency can fluctuate like almost all currencies in the cryptocurrency space.

A limitation will be set during the IDO.

This will ensure that early investors cannot accumulate a bag, unlike most cryptocurrencies.

Whale manipulation is a key problem with the market taking a downturn.

Those big swings in price, where an asset like bitcoin drops half its value at the scale it currently is at is a big problem for the future.

Also, scaling has been a problem for the main layer one cryptocurrencies.

Their success has released new problems for their development team to solve.

Such as the immense fees per transaction these layer one coins produce.

A currency can not charge $40 to over $100 dollars per transaction and be a more competitive option to retail investors.

Our team in the begging prefers to build on ETH blockchain. But soon released the fees were too much for the average investor.

That’s why we decided to develop our projection on the BSC blockchain for now.

Once the ETH blockchain is upgraded to POS. We can start implementing our ETH version of Giga Chad Coin.

We have built a coin on both ETH blockchain and BSC blockchain.

Our IDO will be a presale of the BSC token.

In the future when ETH blockchain fixes its problems. We will airdrop and match whatever holding you have of Giga Chad Coin BSC.

We are optimizing Giga Chad Coin to be a long-term project.

Realistically, we can’t predict which blockchain will have success 20 years from now.

So building on both blockchains and distributing both versions of the coin to our holders will ensure the long-term success of Giga Chad Coin.

Team and Advisors:

Our team consists of 2 full-time developers that deal with all the major tasks of the project.

We have additional employees in the background working on systems. But they want to remain in the background.

Giga Chad stresses transparency, but when it comes to having a team committed to the project not everyone is going to want to be in the spotlight.

The features and functions of Giga Chad are complete in general.

So developers are not on our priority list when it comes to expanding the team.

Our team will be receiving a standard hourly rate for maintaining the project once funding goals are hit.

But the amount will most likely not be enough to work for Giga Chad Coin full time. 

The reason for this is our team will need a primary income because to cover 3 full-time employees would be too much overhead at the beginning of the project.

Our goal at the beginning of the project is to maintain a small overhead amount to ensure the long-term success of the coin.

Too many projects expand too soon and once there is a downturn in the market they can’t support the monthly overhead. This low overhead strategy will ensure that Giga Chad Coin will survive any bear market in the future.

If our project evolves into a big company, then it is required we recruit essential team members full time.

How Will We Make Giga Chad Coin Succeed?

Many cryptocurrencies project do not know how to wisely distribute funds to increase the value of the coin overtime.

A easy example to pick at is cryptocurrency project buying a billboard at time square.

This use of advertising expense that is not going to produce results since your not targeting your target market will decrease the value of the coin overtime.

A poor use of funds for a project will only hurt the coins long term success.

Giga Chad Coin will ensure that funds will be use only to increase the overall value of the project.

Our marketing efforts will focus on targeting our optimal audience.

Eventually we will be able to target our audience demographics that we can convert.

The influx of new investors is always going to keep Giga Chad Coin in a upward trajectory long term.

Also, many cryptocurrencies project do not use project development funds in an intelligent way.

A lot of the promises cryptocurrency projects give should be accomplished with a lower investment per project.

But since cryptocurrency project don’t focus on the long term success of the coin. The coin eventually dies out as the project did not produce a positive result.

What Makes Giga Chad Coin More Legitimate Than Other Cryptocurrencies?

Our team is based in the US and prides itself on running a legit cryptocurrency operation.

Our CEO has filed for an LLC for Giga Chad Coin to run a law obeying business in the US. The proof will be shown on the summary of Giga Chad Coin on the front page.

Also, trademarks are being filed by our lawyer to secure the brand and make sure no copies appear in the future.

Most cryptocurrencies are not even based in the US. Let alone filing for an LLC and trademarks through the USA legal system.

This project is here to stay for the long term and Giga Chad Coin will not become another scam coin that is so prevalent today.

Our team is working hard to provide a community-driven coin. 

Most cryptocurrencies claim that they are community-driven coins. But the community can not make any decisions.

Through our discord, a voting system will be created to ensure that the community can make decisions on what the next objective should be of Giga Chad Coin.