What Is Giga Chad’s Instagram? (Answered)

Giga Chad Instagram does not exist.

But Giga Chad Coin is real.

Giga Chad never existed. It is just digital art created by a model.


That’s why our team decided to develop the next cryptocurrency, with the intention of bringing the ideas that follow Giga Chad to life. 

Giga Chad is the embodiment of hard work and Giga Chad Coin will reward hard work through its community driven cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency prices are unregulated and can be influenced by changes in government legislations, investments, market sentiments etc.


That is why our team wanted to make a coin with a built-in Anti-Whale system and a lower fee distribution that ensures the entire community, from the smallest to largest funds have equal opportunities.

A whale-resistant mechanism is an important safeguard for a coin’s long-term popularity.


Bitcoin is an example of a coin that might have been less successful with the recent bull market and whale manipulation now.

Giga Chad coin

Unfortunately, market manipulation has been experiencing a large amount of success in the cryptocurrency space as whales (aka. the large investors) are exploiting their assets to make good money with big dips and peaks on a daily basis.


All cryptocurrencies are highly volatile because their values depend on the unstable, global cash markets.

The max coin supply per wallet and max transaction is 1% of the total supply of Giga Chad.


This will ensure early investors will not be able to accumulate a large amount of the token unlike most cryptocurrencies.

An important safety measure is the max transaction size for this coin to make sure a group of whales cannot work together to dump the currency onto unsuspecting holders.


Another mechanism that will help with stabilizing the price of Giga Chad is the Buyback System implemented into Giga Chad.

Any transaction will be put into a pool that buys sold Giga Chad on the market.

This system, included with the 1% fee distribution to holders, provides a good ecosystem for expansion.

Giga Chad Coin Features:

giga chad coin 2

Digital assets with fixed supplies are very good protection against the inflation that will happen as global currencies grow.


Inflation is a global problem and is something that most countries need to address. With the way countries issue their fiat currency, there’s always the potential for prices to become inflated.

Our cryptocurrency allows for tokens to be minted on a durable blockchain. But the feature isn’t to be used unless the community votes to mint new coins.


Once a coin is on the blockchain has been confirmed it cannot be altered and is immutable.

There is an automatic buyback system implemented into the coin

Unlike systems where the value decreases over time, The Monet system increases in value with transaction fees. Holders receive 1% of everything exchanged to their account.

This rewards holders that hold the coins they have in their wallet. This encompasses the total fee per transaction of 4% in total.


The distribution of the fees is 1% for holders, 1% for development and 2% for buyback.

The developers are confident that, with the inclusion of more features, Giga Chad will reach its full potential in the coming years.

The Giga Chad Buyback:

Other coins have a manual burn mechanism controlled by the team. The downside to this is the manipulation that can take place which quickly inflates a coin’s value


Giga Chad charges people 4% when they want to make a transaction. This way, when GIga Chad Coin collects fees there will always be a good amount of money being added to the buyback system.


The fee of 2% on every transaction is converted in BNB and securely locked and stored in the Giga Chad buyback contract.


The contract is coded so that BNB in the reserves cannot be withdrawn and can only be used for the action of buying back CHAD coins from the open market and burning them.

Once the CHAD tokens are bought, the BNB amount is added to the liquidity pool and the CHAD tokens immediately burned after the transaction.


This creates a true burn that guarantees the price per token will increase every time a Giga Chad coin is used.

As the Giga Chad coin is a community coin, rewards can be adjusted to benefit the community.

The Giga Chad team values transparency and for good reason.

We want to be as transparent as possible with our customers and that’s why we will be responding quickly to customer requests and comments.

giga chad coin 3

We’ll also update each customer with information about their products and services, if they ask us to do so.


It’s important to be open and honest when it comes to any mistakes your business may make. This not only shows a sense of responsibility but will also engage with the community building a level of trust.


We’re going to keep you updated by providing weekly posts on what we are up to on social media.

The Goal Of Giga Chad Coin

There are multiple tasks we want to accomplish with Giga Chad Coin.

Overall I think a coin that can be used as a currency is needed. A lot of coins are capitalizing on the new bull market. 

But their cryptocurrency can’t be used as actual currency.

Giga Chad will create a cryptocurrency based dropshipping system to enable you to use Giga Chad to buy normal household items.

An investment/currency is only as good as the ease of liquifying your asset.

Also, with minulplation why would you want to hold an asset that can be tanked by one group of people.

Bitcoin is no stranger to manipulation and the threat of a rug pull increases as the asset rises in value.

For a cryptocurrency to succeed it needs to have a team to maintain the project.

Not a team that develops the coin. But make sure the right people are holding Giga Chad.

Private ICO will be host to raise funds. But there is a maximum that future investors are allowed to put in.

This will ensure that in the beginning of Giga Chad no investor will have a majority of the coin and be able to drastically influence the price.

Discord will be the platform of use to vet future investors. You will have to build trust within the community to be able to invest in Giga Chad Coin.

A minimum time in the discord is implemented to make sure people are properly vetted before investing.

We only want Chads’ investment in Giga Chad Coin.

People that are not committed to the project will hold it back.

This ensures that the community invested in Giga Chad will not abandon the project like other trendy projects.

In discord you are able to gain ranks to invest in Giga Chad earlier. There is a max limit place per investment of Giga Chad.

This barrier makes sure later investors will not be exploited.

Eventually the coin will be released to the public.

Where making a discord will be tied to the marketplace within Giga Chad.

As different objectives are accomplished. The community will gain public rewards.