Top 10 Best Alpha Male Pickup Lines

Honestly, Alpha males tend to avoid the cookie cutter pick up line.


You can come off as inauthentic, unoriginal, and robotic. Girls can tell when you are reciting a predestined line and are non reactive. 


Pick up lines will make you look corny, however, ice breakers are effective if the girl is interested or shown interest.


A pick up line is a specific line, mostly corny. An icebreaker is a general rule to get the girl to talk and break her guard. 

Understand those differences before some icebreaker game is given.


The rule to follow is to not validate the girl, but capture her attention. Giving a compliment of the bat can be validating. 


Specifically do not tell her she is pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, any of the nine yards. If you want to complement her, mention something specific that has to do with her style, like her shoes or clothing, but even then try to avoid doing so. 


The best icebreakers are ones that feel natural, smooth and authentic. They do not feel forced in any way. 

alpha male pick up

The best way to do this is to mention something about your environment. Lets say something out of the ordinary happens while you are around someone you are interested in, mention it in an open way. 


This will allow her to comment or jump in on what you had just commented publicly.


An example would be if you saw someone rev their engine, ‘we get it, you like being the center of attention’. If she is interested, she would prompt a response back.

kid with game

Bottom line is it can be anything, just find a reason to comment on the world around you and reel her into that. 

If she’s interested, she’ll take the bait. From there, you spark up a small conversation, ask the name, and potentially the number.


It will be somewhat easy if she is interested. You do not have to try hard when women are interested in you, you do not have to chase.

This methodology will allow you to secure highly interested women. This is what you want. 


But if you need a pick up line, because that is what you came here for, here is what works without being too corny.


Make sure when using these, treat them like a blueprint. You do not have to strictly follow them, and should be adaptive to the women. Not all women are the same. 


Also, try to approach your speech, calm, collected, and sit on the words. Pretend, if you are new to this, that you know what you are doing. Be confident in what you are saying.

  1. I’ve had a crush on you for 10 seconds, so I decided to do something about it. Hi, I’m  ______, what’s your name?


  2. Where did you get that?
    ‘Get what’
    That smile.
    Hi, I’m  ______, what’s your name?


Or if you want something really simple, here’s this. 

          3. Hey, What’s your name?
              Hey ‘______’ I’m ________, nice to meet you.

Just go from there. It’s really not rocket science. If she is interested, it doesn’t matter what you say, it will work. Now, you can talk yourself out of it, do not get it twisted.

girl with high interest

Being alpha is just putting yourself out there socially for women, and letting them give you choosing signals. You do not want to pursue low interest women, that is the main key.

Do not overthink it. Establish a genuine connection, and see where it goes from there. It is beta to try to win every girl over, you cannot get them all.

The key to pick up is securing the ones who were initially interested, or the ones you established interest by conversation.