Signs He Is A Beta Male? (From An Alpha Male)

Here are a couple of signs that someone is a beta male. 


This is the most important, they do not respect themselves.


What does it mean to respect yourself?


People who respect themselves value their assets, time being the most important asset. If the beta male is getting his time wasted or not optimizing his time, he is losing. 

What do you mean by valuing your time?


An example of a beta male wasting his time and energy would be talking to a girl who is uninterested hoping she will catch interest.


Girls’ interest is not the cold, she’s not going to catch it all of the sudden.


Girls’ interest level is easy to indicate. Women that are into you do not waste your time, and especially do not flake on you.


Interested women will make it easy. 


However, the beta male will do one of two things, which are correlated in some way.


One, he will not give up the proposition of dating one particular woman, even if she’s shown to be uninterested. 

alpha male suit
alpha male fight club
beta chasing women

And two, a more general point, the beta male does not look inward, why do women not find you attractive? 


Instead a beta male will not reflect and self improve, learn the game and its strategies, and instead blame women for his lack of success with them. 


If you want women, you got to play the game. Beta males are unwilling. 


Outside of just women, beta males get stepped on by everyone because they do not respect themselves.

A ‘friend’ asks for favors multiple times, flakes on them, and makes fun of them around other people, but the beta male will still talk to this ‘friend’.

If you get disrespected in life by another individual, especially someone you call a ‘friend’, communicate it. If that person continues the disrespect, cut them out. 


Beta males lack abundance. They cannot fathom cutting out a friendship because they have no other friends.


They cannot think about cutting out that woman who flakes on him because he has no other female options. 


Lacking options makes the beta male desperate for human connection to where they will deal with any amount of disrespect as long as it keeps someone around them.

beta male lacks abundance

They would rather be within bad company than no company at all. 


Where does the desperation lie?


A lack of social skills, social anxiety with new people, and the knowledge and implementation of making connections seamlessly. 


If a beta male was charismatic and could easily make friends, he would have an abundance of candidates for friends and females. 

That is why the beta male fails. 


With that flaw comes insecurity. A beta male very well may be the friend who constantly insults their friends.


Betas make up stories and upsells their interactions with women and their success in life.


They make up narratives of grandeur, but in reality their life sucks.


They try to make other people feel inferior, a reflection of how they really feel. 


The problem with beta males is that being around them is always toxic. They hate life.


Being around a beta male will inevitably give you beta male qualities.


Your friends create the average you. Do not have friends who have toxic beta tendencies. 


Final point, how can you tell if someone is a beta male? They are toxic, insecure, jealous, exaggerate their successes, downplay their failures, and lack abundance in relationships. 


They avoid self improvement, which typically results in being out of shape physically, lack of hygiene, and financially poor.

Understand that being a beta male is a general terminology, most people are not fully beta, but have beta tendencies. The more beta tendencies, the more on the beta spectrum you are.