Is Self Improvement Attractive? (Answered)

Of course self improvement is attractive. You are bettering yourself and increasing your sexual market value.

What is sexual market value and why should you embark on a self improvement journey?

Sexual market value is your perceived worth and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

The more successful, or the more clout, money, or aesthetic you have, the higher on the totem pole.

Truth is that money, fame, and more attractive features will grant you more female attention.

With more attention comes more confidence and an abundant mindset, which makes you even more attractive.

What makes self improvement attractive is you detach yourself from a previous version of yourself who was a loser.

You essentially become a new person through the journey of self improvement and making a name for yourself.

You become more masculine and stoic as you struggle to move up the totem pole.

Individuals in the self improvement mindset do not cry about not getting women and blame society and other women for their failures.

The self-improvement mindset decides to play the game.

What is that game? Get the things that girls want in a man.

What are those things? Notoriety, aesthetic, and financial stability.

Make sure your mindset is right, however. The key to self improvement is in the words itself.

Do not do it for girls first, do it for yourself. You, as an individual, should want to get better.

Do not get better for anyone other than yourself.

You might ask yourself the question of where to start, or how to get better and self improve.

Many great minds understand that the mind and the body are one. The gym is the only place where you can physically see your results given a period of time.

gym sqaut

This can give you the initial spark you need in your improvement journey.

Next, focus on getting financial stability. Hustle. Figure out ways to give people value, and hopefully receive value in return.

Find avenues to get revenue.

The bare minimum in the self improvement journey end goal for financial stability should be having your own place or spot, and owning a vehicle to have the freedom to go anywhere.

Once you get that covered, try building a network of social relationships. None of this lone wolf bullshit, the key to success is who you know.

Establish lasting connections with other self improving and strong personality individuals who strive for success.

Sometimes your friends can hurt your success if they are not on a self improvement journey and you are.

You continue the journey, you will be so established and so busy, girls will be an afterthought, and you will not need to spend time and energy on them anymore.


Because you are now a top tier guy with hundreds of thousands of options. You are the one with the keys, you are the one in control of all relationships.

You can finally have standards and not get stepped on by women because if women do something you do not like, on to the next.

Improve yourself and you will not only become more attractive, but you will find everything easier. Self improvement makes you an efficient beast of a machine when it comes to anything.