Is Self Improvement A Waste Of Time?

The answer is no, how could self improvement possibly become a waste of time. 

You are literally becoming better at things, more efficient and effective, and therefore, becoming more time efficient and effective. If anything, you are saving time for the future.

But it’s also not a waste of time because you are getting something out of it. You are getting better.

Let’s take one of the avenues of self improvement, improving your appearance.


Examples include improving your skin, ability to grow a beard through minoxidil, going to the gym to build muscle, trying out fragrances that fit you.


All these things will take a ton of time to really reach your maximum physical attractive potential. When it comes to getting girls and gaining confidence, it will be worth it.


Improving your appearance improves your statistical odds and options pool. Let’s talk numbers. 


Say you were a 3 out of 10 in physical attractiveness, you probably will get no choosing signals from women and no women you find attractive will be interested at all. 

If you level up to a 6 out of 10 in physical attractiveness, you may have some choosing signals and some women you find attractive and interested in you.

alpha male posted up

If you are looking for a partner that you find attractive, leveling up IS the only option.


Unless you become above average, the average woman will find you invisible.


You have to be willing to put hours in to become the best version of yourself physically.


Another self improvement journey avenue is the financial aspect. Getting your money up.


This is probably the one thing that could never be a waste of time, because it is absolutely necessary.


If you do not improve your wallet, you will be miserable. Level up your resume, acquire skills that you can sell yourself for, get a good job. Or take the avenue of starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur.

alpha friend group

Any avenue can work as long as you’re making a steady income. How can becoming a more efficient money maker be a waste of time?

Self improvement socially can also be a great use of time. Building connections and a social network can be great for both business and good company.

Having a support group can make things way easier in the journey of life. Learning the skills to interact with other human beings can help you tremendously. Do not go at it alone. 

Friends and connections make everything you do more efficient because you have more than one individual helping you with something.


You scratch their back, they scratch yours. Then you end up with more time on your hands, the opposite of wasting it.


Do I really have to go any further, self improvement is the opposite of a waste of time, it is a reason to use your time, and effectively so.

On the journey you will be fulfilled like never before, improvement is one of the many purposes of life.


I advise you to get started.