Is Jordan Peterson An Alpha Male?

The quick answer is yes, Jordan Peterson is an alpha male.

 A lot of you might be wondering why he is considered an alpha male.

It’s from the simple fact that most alpha males do not care what other people think.

Jordan Peterson has demonstrated that as he is a pretty popular speaker of topics that can be considered controversial in today’s date it’s day and age.

Even with the ramifications of having some of the opinions he does he still stays true to himself and he expresses his opinion.

He knows that a lot of people will not like what he says. But it doesn’t stop him and I’m not a Jordan Peterson fan and I don’t want people reading this article to think that.

But there are some key alpha male traits that he has as a controversial speaker.

Be enabled to express yourself and not care what other people think definitely takes a little time.

For a lot of people it takes a decent amount of time for them to be able to say what they think and express how they feel.

I think a lot of guys have a problem where they kind of hold back how they truly feel. When it’s better to just express your opinion and see what the feedback is.