Is Joe Rogan An Alpha Male?

Joe Rogan is an influential person that had a long tradition of being very funny and outspoken. These traits appeared through his comedic style. 

He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and talk about subjects that could be considered as taboo. He could be seen as an alpha male by a lot of people because of that trait.

He’s not afraid to say certain things that will offend certain groups. He’s been known to have that type of reputation when it comes to his podcasts.

An Overview Of Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan was born in New Jersey and raised in Boston Massachusetts.

At the beginning of his stand-up career, he would perform stand up around Boston in 1988.

He worked really hard for a long number of years. His first big break came in 1995 when he was casted as a handyman on an NBC sitcom.

In 2002, he became a commentator for the UFC. Joe Rogan made himself established. A lot of people think of Joe Rogan as an excellent commentator throughout his career. 

Joe Rogan Podcast

As most of you know, he then eventually started his podcast. Where he hit all-time numbers when it came to any type of podcast. As you can see Joe Rogan has accomplished a lot of things in his career.

It can definitely make it seem that he is alpha.

He’s alpha because he stays grinding on his purpose and trying to accomplish new goals. That’s how he was able to build himself up to be such a recognized figure. 

A lot of road bumps were encountered along the way. It wasn’t easy because the lifestyle that he had to live during his comedy years, in the beginning, was rough.

He stated many times that he has witnessed a lot of crazy stuff in the comedy scene. People have agreed with this statement and have attested to how crazy the comedy scene is. 

You really have to be passionate about this type of work to go through the ups and downs that Joe Rogan has gone through in his life.

How is Joe Rogan Alpha?

Joe Rogan shows a very alpha trait by staying on his purpose. 

A lot of guys don’t focus on their passion and they are swept into the dust when it comes to the alpha mindset.

Alpha males make sure that they are getting tons of things done every day and strive to become a better version of themselves. 

Joe Rogan has shown a lot of ambition through the accomplishments he has built up throughout his career. Success takes a long time to develop.

It takes a lot of hours to be rejected. The alpha mindset doesn’t let them get down. 

They just strive to do better each and every day.  Always make sure to list things that you need to accomplish that day. So you get them done in a good time period.

Joe Rogan has shown that he has an alpha mindset with the way his career went. Not every person has to reach the success he has, to be alpha. 

Being alpha just means grinding every day on whatever your purpose is. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money in the future like what Joe Rogan has accomplished.

It just has to be something that you are passionate about. You can call your purpose.  Passion is something found over time and it can be very hard to figure out. Joe Rogan has definitely displayed his alphaness by just grinding through the ups and downs to keep going in comedy. 

That’s how he ended up successful at the end of the day because of his grind first mentality. Also, he did not let things get him down When they didn’t go as planned. 

A lot of people can’t stay committed and they quit too early. Most of the time success does not come easy. You will be grinding for a decent amount of time if you are working on your passion. 

Most people do not become successful in under a year. It takes many years of grinding without the sign of success before they start seeing their business take off. 

So if you start something and it doesn’t work out in the beginning. Keep going or rethink your idea because sometimes your business idea isn’t as good after it’s tested. 

A lot of successful people will tell you that there was a lot of failure before they became successful.

What Is My Purpose?

Your purpose is something that you are passionate about. It’s not going to be easy to figure out what your passion is. It’s going to take a lot of testing to really figure that out.

I would recommend figuring out what you like to do that doesn’t feel like work. But it can be turned into a full time income in the future. 

Passions are hard to come by when you are younger in life.

But as you get older you start to realize what you are really passionate about and what you like working on.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it can be money, a very common passion a lot of people have is music.

Music is known to not pay that much until you hit the top. 

There are plenty of other niches and jobs that people are passionate about that you aren’t necessarily going to be able to do full time in the beginning.

 It is very important for your purpose in front of everything else.

For example, if you are not able to do your passion full time. Then you should be working even harder to make it a reality.

People need something to achieve or life becomes stale.

That’s why it is very important to sacrifice sometimes to be able to live a nicer life in the future. 

Wealth is created over time and it shouldn’t be a main priority after you have a set plan. 

For example if you have a certain plan to make six figures in two years you should grind to get to that position.

But make sure you don’t miss out on other key things in life.

If you want to make wealth a priority in the beginning then go ahead because you are not really hurting yourself by going with either approach.

How To Figure Out Your Purpose?

Figuring out your purpose is going to take time. If you are reading this article right now and you don’t have a specific passion or purpose.

You will eventually find it once you’ve lived enough life. 

A common suggestion I give most people is to try different things and figure out what things stick.

There’s going to be different interests that you will see yourself going back to because it is enjoyable compared to other jobs. 

If you do not know your purpose I always recommend learning a skill that is in need in the 21st century.

The reason for this is eventually when you do find your passion later in life you are working at a high income job. 

This will give you the ability to take financial risk in the future compared to being financially strapped and you can’t act on your purpose when you figure it out.

If you are younger than 25 you should really be focusing on soaking in as much information as possible when it comes to a skill and a certain job or real-life advice.

A lot of people wait too long when it comes to working on themselves and trying to learn more.

When they enter the job market you can’t have an abundance mindset when you’re stuck at a dead end job because they didn’t work on the skills that are needed for high end jobs.

Always try to be working for more pay at a 9 to 5. For example, never stay longer than one year at a job because it’s more advantageous to move instead of being loyal to one company. 

Companies are always interested in the most profit possible so they usually don’t give good pay raises like they should.

Moving jobs consistently will give you the highest earnings and enable you financially to do as you please in the future when you find your passion.