Is Don Draper An Alpha Male?

Yes, John Dapper is an alpha male.

His mindset has enabled him to to achieve a lot in the business world.

He has been able to secure deals in business as a businessman.

The reason why he is alpha is because of his mindset and not because of his status.

Confidence can go a long way and John Dapper is one of the most confident characters that you can watch in the show.

That’s why he’s able to hype a team up or give a sales pitch and get the uppers to agree with him even after they tell him his idea is bad.

That perseverance has enabled him to go far in the business world. Don Draper is king at standing up for your idea even when you are shot down in any situation.

When you are not thinking with the majority and you are the minority.

 It can be very hard to express your opinion in any situation.

This is why John Draper can be considered an alpha male because he is the embodiment of confidence.

Being alpha doesn’t mean you have a lot of money or you have to look a certain way.

But your mindset definitely easily factors into that.

Confidence is a pretty big factor when it comes to the business world and being able to put your foot down when you think someone is in the wrong is a very important trait.

But remember putting your foot down doesn’t always lead to a good outcome.

Trying to put your foot down on something can lead to a bad outcome.

Some of those outcomes could lead to getting fired from your job and having to find a new one.

That’s why it’s very important to always have options and an abundance mindset with jobs.

It’s a lot easier for you to stand up for yourself if you have options.

It’s very important to always have a backup plan for everything.

For example, a lot of people complain about their job and they’re not able to do anything about it.

The reason for this is they don’t have the option of getting another job.

It is always important to not remain loyal when it comes to the business world in general.

I think John Draper is very good at displaying that business is business  and you shouldn’t get too caught up emotionally in business. 

There have been times where John Draper has put his foot down and the outcome could have gone the wrong way.

This would have not been achieved without options and an abundance mindset.

So it’s very important to keep that in mind when you start thinking about putting your foot down at the workplace.

My recommendation would be to start planning backup plans if you don’t like your current situation and you need to put your foot down.

Work life isn’t going to be an easy path when it comes to putting your foot down.

But with a couple hurdles with getting let go from a job if you work hard enough you’ll be able to find a job that better suits you.