How Tall Is An Alpha Male? (Answered)

This is a question that many guys have contemplated in their  whole life. They wonder if an alpha male has to have a certain height attribute.

Society places a very important role on certain physical features when it comes to how you are viewed in society.

If height can be listed, it is a very important feature when it comes to the dating world.

But it does not mean that you are a beta male or you can’t be an alpha male because of a height you’re predisposed to.

People think that it’s how you look or how tall you are or how strong you are influences if you’re a beta or an alpha. 

But that’s not the case. Beta and Alpha is more of a mindset than it is a physical classification of what group you’re in.

average height for canada

Alpha males have certain attributes that are more mindset than physical. For example high confidence. Now this high confidence could come from you having good features and being taller.

At the end of the day, if you are just an average person on the shorter side, confidence is a big alpha trait that influences many things.

The Proper Mindset When Dealing With Height?

The proper mindset to have when it comes to dealing with height.

It’s not as big of a deal as you think it is. You are right now contemplating these words and thinking well if I was taller then it would be easier. 

When it comes down to it you are partially right. Being tall gives you certain advantages when you are dating someone and it’s a good 1st impression.

Also, if you’re in a business meeting and your height has expressed more authority than if you were short. But a lot of that comes down to confidence and the way you act.

A tall guy could get no respect if he acts like a goofball all day and the same goes for someone of shorter height how people perceive you is going to be by how you act and what you do around them.

You get judged by a physical attribute. It’s only momentarily until you reveal who you actually are through your confidence and personality.

If you have no game or are not very authoritative when it comes to business deals, not having a certain physical attribute is going to be easier to write yourself off.

 Is going to be easier for someone to write you off but it is only a momentary judgment. 

So if you were to improve these skills your height should in affect the outcome. Now obviously there are some situations where height is going to affect the outcome

Instead of dwelling on it you should just move on because it wasn’t meant to be if you can put it that way.

There’s like a billion people on the planet and you gotta be able to drop people that aren’t good influences and that comes with chasing women too if she’s not interested in you

She’s not interested in you. 

There’s only so much game and so much you can try to get her interest. 

But if there’s something she can overlook physically then you should just move on to someone else who will appreciate it.

Your physical features because most of your taste is subjective. 

How To Inflate Your Height? (Easy Solution)

When you are done growing there is no possible type of solution to grow after. All the exercises for growing taller are fake. 

Your height changes slightly through the day. So by the end of day you have shrunk a little compared to the morning when you wake up from bed.

Most people have seen online to use shoe inserts to inflate your height. But this solution is very comfortable.

Nobody is going to wear inserts that squeeze your feet in your normal-sized shoes. The shoes destroy stability because of the raised foot. So you’re walking on your heels. It makes users look unathletic because you’re basically walking on your heels.

The method isn’t practical for every person aesthetically.

My number one thing to tell people is that there are normal shoes in real life that artificially inflate your high a lot more than a normal shoe.

For example, before you think of the elevator-type shoes you find online. They artificially inflate your height too much of a stretch.

People will notice because after you take the shoes off you’re obviously your real height.

If you currently wear vans or any type of low top shoe without much cushion. The brands to look out for are Jordan, Lebron for shoes with a decent increase in height.  

All of these sneakers are good looking as you may call it and give a good amount of height.

Also with these shoes there is no oddball feeling with having on a shoe that actually does increase your height by 3 or more inches.

You can go that route with a boot. Which gives around 2 to 3 inches in height. Recommend for non-sports activities.

You can expect to get around an inch 1.2″ to  an 1½”. This is a good amount of height to boost yourself up around town without really causing much attention cause they’re just normal shoes.

So if you’re 5’9” these shoes will take you to 5’10½” it might not seem like a big difference. But through the day if it makes you feel better than it was worth it.

Confidence and having an abundant mindset is a necessary attribute to have in this day and age. The options you could have through self improvement should beam main priority. Confidence can be gained through improving mentally and physically.

In my opinion, I always recommend going with a higher standing shoe just because at the end of the day boosting yourself up an inch to an inch and a 1/2 is not gonna hurt you.

If you want to get the Air Max 90 type boost and still have some drip.

 I would just recommend the Lebron Fifteen give you around 1.6.”

I think the other LeBron’s that are newer are coming out. I haven’t bought LeBron’s in a while so it’s kind of hard to estimate but I asked my mate if the height increase is going to be the same.