How Alpha Males Deal With Disrespect (Definitive Guide 2021)

This is a very misunderstood topic when it comes to how an alpha should deal with disrespect. 

Depending on what type of disrespect you receive there’s definitely different ways to handle that disrespect. 

This answer might not seem what you want to hear but most alphas know that when it comes to dealing with people you are always gonna receive disrespect from somebody. 

There is no possible way you could build yourself up and you won’t receive some type of disrespect no matter who you are and what you’ve done. 

You will always be disrespected.  

You should always pay little attention to this disrespect because the whole point of this disrespect is to get a reaction out of you. 

But as an alpha male, you have to just move on and don’t let that type of crap bother you. 

You will get butt hurt sometimes about the insult because people are always gonna try to insult you and put you down. So always take a mental note of who not to associate with because they aren’t acting how they should.

Why Will You Be Disrespected?

Most people when they go on a self improvement journey and they improve themselves in a large way they automatically think that life is going to be 10 times better and they will receive more positive attention.

Now this is partially true when it comes to improving your looks and financial situation. 

But when it comes down to it you will always be disrespected by someone and not liked by someone.

The reason for this can be a lot of things. In my opinion the most common cause for being disrespected is usually jealousy. The reason for this is when people around you see that you are doing better and improving.

They automatically start comparing you to themselves and they can feel a little insecure with how much progress you have made and how little progress they have made.

So for example, let’s say you lost a lot of weight you know instead of someone calling you fat. Then they could switch and say you’re so skinny.

But I think a lot of girls and guys can relate when it comes down to your body type. You will usually receive negative comments either way no matter what fitness level you’re at.

Unless you’re at a 1% tier level of a physique where you will receive a lot of compliments and behind your back you will receive disrespect.

But it won’t be as up front as someone who’s skinny or overweight. 

I’m going to tell you right off the bat that alpha males are not out here fighting everybody who disrespects them because you’re gonna receive it no matter who you are and what you’ve done.

So there’s no point in putting yourself in a financial risk when it comes to getting injured during a fight or them suing you which in America is a very high probability when you teach them a lesson.

Alpha males aren’t supposed to be very hostile people that fight everybody. Most alpha males mind their own business. They are grinding on what they’re trying to accomplish because most alpha males don’t think about what other people are doing because it has nothing to do with them.

What Are The Different Types Of Disrespect?

This disrespect can come in many forms when it comes to people in the real world. Not everyone’s going to be as upfront as another.

The most common type of disrespect is usually gonna be face-to-face disrespect.

But it’s not how you think

It’s not gonna be a clear insult. It will usually be something slight or something that can be brushed off easily but still hits. Most commonly known as slight disses or comments.

I would say the biggest factor when it comes to disrespect is going to be who you hang around. A lot of friends that you might have right now might be disrespecting you. But these slight comments are derogatory. They can get away with it because it’s not too disrespectful, but still affects your mental health. 

I would say this type of disrespect is the most important disrespect to cut off in your life because the comments can add up over time period

But over time you know a lot of those comments can get to you. You would just want to cut those people out. 

One thing I’ve learned in my life is that the people closest to you will do the most dirty. 

The Proper Way To Deal With Disrespect

In most situations, I would recommend you to cancel yourself out of most situations or hold your ground and see the outcome.

Now what does that mean?

It can mean a lot of things depending on the situation and it really is important depending on what type of situation it is.

There’s no point of firing back with comments most of the time or trying to engage them in a physical altercation.

The reason for this is a lot of people that give you this disrespect are going to have less going on in their life than you.

So amplifying things up and getting involved is only going to lead to problems in the long run. Cause in most situations the person disrespecting you is going to have a lot less to lose.

You’re going to lose a lot of people when it comes to dealing with this disrespect. The reason for this is a lot of people that give you disrespect are a waste of energy to even deal with.

Having a clean mindset is important to be productive everyday.

So most alpha males should move on and get rid of that situation from their life. What I mean by this is let’s say someone was your friend.

Since they are friends you kind of have to deal with them with more engagement than a random. For example either talk to him and let him know that you didn’t like what you heard and if it happens again. You will not be their friend anymore. Make it clear that he or she knows it can go both ways.

Now this type of conversation is gonna have two outcomes.

He or she is going to make the friendship stronger because they are a real friend and he or she respects your wishes  or he or she was never a real friend from the beginning and they don’t respond foundly.

Losing friends can hurt and lose people in your life, in general, can stink. But when it comes down to it.

You gave them a choice and they picked.

Alpha males should understand that what comes to being an alpha male it is kind of a lonely life when it comes down to it.

You are going to lose a lot of friends you had around you and acquaintances because you’re not going to take the same type of stuff you would if you were a beta male.

Beta males biggest flaw is they let people walk all over them.

Who Are The Types Of People That Disrespect?

I would say the most common type of people that are going to put you down and disrespect you are going to be people that aren’t really improving in their lives at all. 

This is going to be the main majority of people you come across when it comes to your journey in life. 

The reason for this is a lot of people when they’re not accomplishing what they wish they could in life. They rather make sure they put other people down to make them feel better.

The reason for this is when they aren’t accomplishing anything in life it makes them feel a lot better about themselves.

So when you have friends around you that see that you are getting better and improving yourself in every way and they’re still giving you derogatory comments.

It’s a sign to cut them off.

Your friend is probably not gonna be your friend for that much longer when it comes down to it . The reason for this is usually when I’ve seen people change dramatically. 

When they change and their friends don’t then the relationship kind of becomes broken.

Your friends are an indication of you. Birds that feather flock together.

A lot of the people that you’re going to be friends with and hang around are going to represent you in a certain way because you are either going to have the same type of interests, hobby or mindset. 

So when you start to make a dramatic change in your life you know that mindset changes, hobbies will change. The reality is your friends are going to change because your old friends aren’t going to be the representation of what you are now.

This doesn’t mean to drop all your friends around you. If you have some trustworthy friends, keep them. But if you have people that you could live without. It might be good to drop them.

How To Reduce Being Disrespected?

It is hard to reduce the amount of disrespect in life because most people have an ego. This is the truth of dealing with people in general.

If you have ever had a job in retail, you will know time and time again that people think being rude will get them an advantage when shopping at a retail store.

To reduce the amount of disrespect you need to level up and move up the chain in work.

 So you deal with less disrespect in your work life.

Usually work is going to be the place where you witness the most disrespect because people have an inherent ego because they are a customer and are not working there.

There is nothing wrong with retail jobs and customer service jobs. But when your income is based on helping people you’re bound to meet people who don’t treat you right.

Being able to move up the work chain is important in reducing the amount of disrespect you receive.

To move up the job market you do not want to stay at a company for an extended period of time.

Jobs have stopped rewarding loyalty when it comes to progressing in the workplace.

The best method is to have an abundance mindset and always keep upgrading your job by applying to higher positions because work mobility is low when it comes to most companies.

Use the job you’re at right now to gain experience and stack up your resume to go to a bigger and better opportunity.

This is the best strategy when it comes to receiving more respect as the place you will receive the most disrespect  is at your workplace.

If you’re working 40 hours a week this is a big portion of the week and it’s very important to upgrade your position in the workplace.

The best tactic is to stay at a job for 6 to 12 month depending on the position or job.

If the job is an entry level position in a field you are not pursuing. It is best to leave that job around 4 to 6 months and find a better entry level position because the position isn’t good enough to stack your resume.

If the job is a good position at a good company. It is best to work there for a year before you look for other opportunities.

Using an abundance mindset when it comes to the workplace is key to making the money you desire.

Lots of people are scared to take that leap from a comfortable position and this can be a horrible mistake when you are young because most of your leverage will be when you’re young.

Employers want young candidates and the more you level up and stack your resume the more you can command at a young age.

A young candidate with ample job experience will get compensated properly if you follow this rule. After your first 5 years in the workforce your salary will cap out after job switching many times.

After securing a good position the next step would be working on your own business.