How To Tell If Someone Is Natural Or On Steroids?

Telling if someone is natural or on steroids can be extremely hard upon first glance. Unless someone is an absolute specimen, it can be hard to tell.

However, there are a couple of key indications that someone may be on the sauce.

One of the biggest indicators that someone is not natural is their progression over time.

Individuals who have a normal genetic baseline and make insane progress in two to three years without bulking along the way is usually a sign.

If you stay lean while gaining 10 to 15 pounds of muscle in a year of two, chances are you are on some juice.

Naturals typically have to bulk, and then cut, and the process of adding muscular tissue upwards to 15 pounds can take 3-5 years of good training and diet.


Unnatural physiques have a combination of really good size, but are still incredibly lean.

For most individuals, this physique is unattainable without ten plus years of training, or the sauce.


Not just the physique and body composition is an indicator.

Sheer weight numbers in the gym can give you a good prediction if someone is natural or on something. 

For example, if an individual was plateaued at a certain weight number, let’s say 300 max, then goes to 335 in the next month or so, chances are they are not natural.

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Individuals may justify the insane progress to a diet or specific training regime.

Sorry, that does not account for such a significant difference.


Understand as a natural, once you start to hit your peaks, getting 5 pound more on that bench or squat is something to feel accomplished for.

So when an individual is at that point in their ‘lifting life’, to go 30 to 40 pounds in a couple months just doesn’t add up.


Unnatural individuals typically recover way easier.

They can lift almost everyday, not only to capitalize on the potential cycle they may be running, but also because they do not need rest days.

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Many PEDs allow quicker and more efficient muscular recovery.

As a natural, rest days are essential to making progress, and to continually hit hypertrophy.

If you notice regimes where they can hit the same muscle groups 3 or more times in a week, chances are they are not natural.


How an individual who approaches social media can be another sign of being on the juice.

People who put natural in their bio and have a vested interest in people believing they are natural to sell fitness products typically is a red flag. 


Typically individuals who are doing goofy bodyweight exercises but look incredible are not natural.

You cannot gain muscle, especially tons of lean tissue by using sheer body weight exercises.

Vascularity, or veins over showing themselves indicates extreme levels of leanness.

If an individual is lower than 10 percent body fat, for most people they would have to be on some steroid to attain and maintain that. 


The final indication going to be referred is related to Hollywood and actors that have to play specific roles that are meant to be very lean, athletic, and muscular. 


These actors that do not fit that description but get the role are meant to transform in a matter of 6 months.

They attribute the quick, unattainable given the time frame, transformation to eating chicken, broccoli, and rice. That is code for the juice.


Final verdict, be skeptical, because more and more people everyday, with the addition of easy access purchasability of SARMs online, are becoming unnatural. Stay critical.

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