How Do Alpha Males Text?

A question a lot of guys ask me is how do you text as an alpha male and how do you give off that type of persona through texting?

The answer is actually quite simple.

Most alpha males don’t text that much.

Your best bet is to try to get her on a phone call and set up an actual date as fast as possible.

When you’re texting for a long time trying to get a date set up. It’s a lot harder to do it through text message compared with a call.

 You are essentially wasting your time because she’s trying to see if you’ll make a mistake.

This mistake would then make you unattractive and she writes you off even before the date.

text a girl

That’s the main problem with texting too much is that some things that you say can be perceived in a different way through a text message.

So you want to make sure that you keep your texting limited.

You want to set up a date probably after a week that you get her number. But you can do it whenever.

There is no blueprint for dating and that’s a very key lesson to know.

So you never want to have some type of set plan when you get a girl’s number.

For example, I only text all girls back in a week because when you set the same rule for all girls.

It never works out because all girls are not the same.

For example, if a girl shows high interest in you it might turn her off that you took a week to text back because she already has shown interest.

Compared to other girls who don’t show high interest in the beginning.

Low interest girls might become more interested if you don’t text her back right away.

So a lot of texting is very situational.

So when you’re reading this article you kind of have to learn what the right way to go about the situation is.

That’s a key lesson about dating in general. You really just want to focus on gaining as much experience as possible.

Then you can get the proper situational awareness to play certain situations the correct way.

Also, it’s always important to have an abundant mindset when it comes to dating.

In conclusion, alpha males text by not texting a lot.

The main point of texting is to set up a date.

So my recommendation would be to schedule a time that you are going to call her and set up a date.

That should be pretty much it when it comes to texting because you are not going to increase girls’ interest without going on the first date.