How Do Alpha Males Handle Conflict?

Let it be known that alpha males tend to avoid unnecessary conflict. Conflict should only happen when absolutely necessary.

However, conflict is inevitable, so how do alpha males deal with it?


It’s fairly simple, conflicts typically start with a disagreement. 


Sort that disagreement out.

Listen to what they have to say, then explain your perspective without acting emotional, be calm and collected.

Most conflicts originate from miscommunication. Make sure you understand what you are disagreeing on.


After both sides are discussed, analyze the validity of their statements in comparison to yours. Is there actually a problem here that can be fixed?


Sometimes the answer is no. Sometimes the other person is actually in the wrong. If they do not want to admit it, walk away from the discussion.


There is no point of argumentation. If the person does not realize after the discussion period, there is no convincing.

Many individuals will continue to argue after they realize they are wrong.

alpha conflict

If you approach the issue with a level head and neutrality and you still feel like you are right, you must remain consistent. However, this does not mean argue.


Truth is some conflicts are not meant to be solved. If you have to agree to disagree that is ok as well. 


Alpha males do not agree to be agreeable, they stand and hold their beliefs, opinions, and perspectives.

This does not mean you cannot have an open mind.

Alphas must have a backbone while still being open to new ideas or perspectives. 

Conflict can also be beyond sheer argumentation. Just like conflict itself, try to avoid anything physical. However, sometimes physicality can be brought upon you. 

If you can, try to de-escalate the encounter. You want to play the scenario defensively.

Alphas do not need to use physical violence to assert themselves.


The way an alpha approaches confrontation and conflict is simple, they try to eliminate the conflict and take it head on. When an alpha has a problem, he does not procrastinate, he solves it right away.

Alphas speak their mind and communicate clearly, no issue is left unchecked or worried about.