Do Alpha Males Text First? (Answered By An Alpha Male)

Alpha male texters do not have a set strategy for texting. They are dynamic.


Ideally, texting first is not a bad thing. 


What makes an Alpha texter is the abundance mindset, and the ability to only pursue high interest women. These both go hand and hand.

What does this mean?


Essentially, after getting someone’s number, it is important to initiate a date or a phone call smoothly.


Make sure you establish a personal connection with this person and see if she is worth your time.


If she is unwilling to go on a date, or worse, flake last minute, you drop her. Alphas do not play games with women, and definitely do not chase.


This guarantees you will find women who will make it easy to deal with and are of high interest.


Texting should only be used to schedule dates or initiate phone or facetime calls. 

alpha cell phone

Checking your phone and going back and forth through text talking about nonsense is a waste of time and will not personalize your connection with her. You also will not know who she is either. 


Alpha texters ironically are individuals who try to opt out of texting women and getting straight to interacting with women 1 on 1. 


Phone calls before a date for 10-20 minutes before a date can be a good strategy to familiarize so the initial in real life meetup is not as awkward. 


The don’ts of texting and phone calls are texting all day when you have never met up or are in a relationship with this person, and phone calls lasting multiple hours. 


If you are not dating, do not invest hours of time.


Women do not have hobbies and have hours of disposable time, make it at least seem like you do not.

It also portrays yourself as someone who does not value time, is always available, and most importantly, you have no other female options. 


Women do not want a man who is not in female demand, or someone who lacks purpose.


Talking to her hours in the day gives that vibe off, do not be that guy. 


It also makes you more likely to be categorized as a friend than a romantic partner, solely because she gets to know you outside of physical confrontation. 

Text only to schedule dates and phone calls and you will be more successful with women.


Also, men texting first is normal and actually more attractive when the girl is interested. 

It is important when planning or pitching a date to a woman via text to have it planned out.


Do not ask what she wants to do, women are indecisive. They also do not like indecisive males.


Make it seem like you have it figured out and she will be more likely to accept.


I would suggest just getting food or drinks somewhere cheap, low investment. If you have to pay, make it cheap. The time of the date should not be longer than two hours. 


You have to narrativize yourself as a catch for her, make it seem like your time is valuable and she will value your time as well. Respect yourself and she will respect you.