Can An Alpha Male Be Short?

When it comes to being an alpha male there is not a set of requirements that you need to reach.

Physical attributes, such as race or height are uncontrollable. There are no proven strategies to increase your height.

In society height is a very important attribute and I’m not going to lie. Most people that you deal with in life will notice your physical appearance. So it’s as important as any other physical feature that you have.

If you’re tall you’re going to be reminded that you are tall and when you’re super tall it becomes almost a dientiy trait that you have to deal with. The super tall guy will be reminded they are tall on a common occurrence.

So I’m not going to lie that height has its advantages when it comes to being above average in today’s society.

The same goes for if you’re short. if you’re sure you’re gonna have people letting you know that you’re short and there’s gonna be instances where you feel short. 

But the problem with society in today’s day. Is that guys feel like if they are not above average that they are below and that average is the new below average.

This really makes no sense. If you are a guy who is 5’7.” You are not that short when it comes to most people you’re just a little below average.

It shouldn’t affect your life in a detrimental way realistically. When it comes to dealing with most barriers everyone deals with in dating.

Why The 6 Foot Cut Off

The 6-foot cut-off is a very popular type of dating rule when it comes to women in the dating scene. A lot of dudes know about it. It’s almost common knowledge at this point with the Internet.

There is some merit to the number because when you’re 6′ you’re going to be taller than most girls cause there’s only 10% of men in the population that are above 6 foot.

So it only makes sense for women to gravitate towards an attractive feature.

But just like any other feature like your face. How you look they’re all gonna add up on a scale. So if you are a little shorter it shouldn’t be a detriment to the dating game.

If you’re reading this article right now, ask yourself, do you really think every single girl in the world only dates guys at her 6′ and above.

Girls have multiple partners and the chances of every single partner that she’s been in a relationship with isn’t over 6 feet. 

The height rule aka the 6 foot cut off is just any other type of shallow measurement to write-off someone.

What I mean by this is women will make exceptions for example a guy who is not as tall but she subjectively is very attractive to this guy so even though he’s not as tall as she would like she is still interested.

If the guy wasn’t very attractive to her she’s gonna use the hide that with an excuse as an easy way out just like when it comes to rejecting someone.

Now it is kind of harsh to use your height. Which is an uncontrollable feature used to getting rejected.

But it is what it is and instead of freaking out about it when a girl rejects you because of your height you should just move on.

How To Increase Height?

I’m going to give you the cold hard truth: there is no possible way you are ever going to increase your height after you’re done growing.

But it is not the end of the world because there are tons of ways to artificially inflate your height in real life without changing much.

I know you’ve seen the inserts to put in your shoes.

But I’m telling you right away the product is trash. Nobody is trying to wear inserts that squeeze your feet and make you uncomfortable in your day to day tasks.

In all honesty you look like a goof ball because you have to buy bigger shoes to wear all day.

My number one thing to tell people is that there are normal shoes that artificially inflate your height a lot more than an average shoe.

For example before you think of the elevator shoes you find online to artificially inflate your height. It is too much of a stretch because inflating your height by 3 inches will be noticed once the shoes are off.

If you currently wear vans or any skate shoe that is very low to the ground. When you are practically touching the floor.

If you change to a thicker insole sneaker. Let’s say a Jordan 11, Yeezy 350, or Air Max 90. All of these shoes don’t have a terrible look compared to an elevator shoe.

If you’re a person who wears boots they are also good. Can get more height then a sneaker.

With these shoes there is no awkward feeling when it comes to walking. Shoes insert will hurt the comfort of a shoe.

For example, on a shoe that actually does increase your height by 3 or more inches with your heel raised up instead of flat in a normal shoe. That’s why it’s never recommended to use inserts.

With sneakers you can expect to get around an inch “1.2 to  1.5″. This is a good amount of height to boost yourself up. Without really causing much attention because they’re just normal shoes.

Boots have even a larger gain in height averaging around “2 to 3”. Appearance is normal when wearing in public.

So if you’re 5’6: sneakers will increase your height to 5’71/2” It might not seem like a big difference but as you go about your day to day task.

You will be able to recognize the difference.

Obviously if you are on the shorter side, confidence and having an abundant mindset. Where you don’t get tripped up if you get rejected is going to benefit you more than the inch you would gain by picking a certain shoe.

I always recommend going with a higher standing shoe just because at the end of the day an height increase definitely makes a difference.

f you want to get a sneaker that adds more height then the Air Max 90s shoe. I would just recommend the Lebron Fifteen give you around 1.6.”

These shoes are for a good price and have a good cushion system for walking.

In summary most guys in the average height range in the population use a boot or sneaker with a specific height increase. 

Avoid shoes that are very low to the ground because of losing out on height because people around you will wear sneakers.