Can Two Alpha Males Be Friends?

Of course two alpha males can be friends. Being alpha male is not exclusive to one member of a friend group, it is a mindset and choice of living. 


Alpha males enhance and bounce off of their friends. Essentially friendships and connections create more success for alphas. 


Alphas establish friendships where there is a mutual bond between wanting each other to succeed.


They scratch each other’s backs, do things as a team, and win together.

Everyone nowadays wants to win alone, be successful alone, and give no one credit for that success. That is a beta tendency.


Bring others with you if they are willing to put in the work like you are. 

Friendships create support systems, and allow you to learn things from different perspectives and backgrounds.


If anything, having alpha friends is the best friend to have. They expect and demand excellence from you because they see your potential.


alpha friendship

Alpha friends are not insecure, so they will not insult you or reflect their insecurities onto you. They provide constructive criticism, because they want you to be the best version of yourself. 


The question should not be ‘can two alpha males be friends?’, the question should really be, ‘can two beta males be friends?’. 


In reality, beta males are the worst friends to have. They constantly put you down because of their insecurity, they always want to one up you or explain how their life is harder, and will put you down any chance they get to be perceived as better, especially in environments with women. 


Alphas once again are secure, and secure with women. Because of this, they may become a wingman just to help you as a friend if you need that extra boost. 

alpha friends at gym

When you are both alpha males, you hold each other to that standard. 


Alphas together create a dynamic of iron sharpening iron, you learn from each other, get better and level up with each other. 


Lets use a couple of scenarios or examples to illustrate the points made. 


The gym is a place where you are attempting to improve everyday, get stronger and more athletic, and in turn look that part. 


Alpha symbiotic relationships would consist of motivating each other to get stronger, encouraging one another during the process. 

Unlike the beta male friends who want you to stay the same so they can surpass you or feel superior, alpha males want you to succeed and win, even if you surpass them.

Another example, a social setting, maybe a party, with many women and people.

The alpha male friend dynamic will encourage you to talk to people, be social, and maybe get flirtatious with some women in hopes of scoring with them. 

The beta male friend dynamic would consist of two individuals being around women and putting each other down in passive aggressive ways in hopes of the women picking them instead of their friend.

 In reality you dragged each other down, showed you insecurity, and definitely did not have any success with women.


Betas friends drag each other down and dig holes, Alpha friends build cities together. You pick who you want to associate with.

beta friends