Are Alpha Males Insecure?

Being insecure is a beta male quality and tendency.


Alpha males are secure. However, they always have an open mind and seek avenues for improvement.


Just because you are secure in your value as an individual does not mean there is no room for growth. 


Being secure as an alpha means that you are satisfied with your current progression and are patient with the future results in any endeavor.

For example, alphas are secure in their appearance and physique. However, alphas want to constantly improve that physique and that appearance. 


They will hit the gym consistently not because they are insecure about what they see in the mirror, they are content with that, but because they see more potential. 


Insecurity stems from the belief of inferiority. Individuals who are insecure believe they are not competent. Alphas, even in the face of failure, have the confidence in themselves to improve towards eventual success. 


In a way, avoiding insecurity is a mindset. You have to believe you are the very best, or at least have the potential to be in any given field. 

beta making fun of someone

Insecure individuals do not believe in improvement. Improvement breathes confidence and is the cure for insecurity. 


However, it is important to pursue improvement, but be secure during the journey. If you are insecure until you reach a certain threshold or success level, you will always be insecure and always want more for the wrong reasons. 


Insecurity also breeds toxicity and jealousy. Insecure people tear others down in order to attempt to feel less inferior, they want to beat others by holding them back.


An alpha, secure individual beats people not by holding others back through insults and other means, but by beating them fairly by improving within and individualistically.

If life was a race, the beta male would try to injure and hurt the other racers around him in order to win the race. 


The alpha male, secure individual would simply train to run as fast as possible, and if the racers around him were faster, he would live with the result that he tried his absolute best. 


Secure individuals give everything, so when they fail, they do not let that get to them




Because they cannot control failure if they are secure in the fact that they gave their best effort.


Failure was inevitable. The only thought is to keep working, get better.

alpha race winner

The insecure individual would blame the world, blame themselves, blame their circumstances, blame others. 


They would attempt to strategize shortcuts, tear and step on others for the sole purpose of making them inferior to an already inferior individual. 


Insecure individuals will downplay others successes and upsell their own. These tendencies are toxic and no one with any respect for themselves will want to be around these individuals. 


Do not be the insecure guy.