Alpha Male vs Nice Guy

An alpha male and a nice guy are perceived into completely different lights. 

The alpha male is seen as someone who has options. 

Who has things going for himself against the nice guy he doesn’t have many options with women.

That’s why he’s almost simping for whoever he’s talking to and that’s why he can be perceived as a nice guy because he is available to your every command. 

What Is An Alpha Male?

An alpha male is someone who is focused on themselves and their journey in life and doesn’t take crap from other people when it comes to disrespect and negative comments. 

Now this doesn’t mean fighting other people and being in hot head. 

That is not what an alpha male is. 

And alpha males are going to have a lot to lose so being hot-headed is not really a good combination.

 Some people perceive hot-headedness as being alpha male but it really isn’t.

The alpha male with women is going to be perceived as someone who has options and they aren’t thinking about the girl on their phone that hasn’t texted back in 3 days. 

They’re thinking about which girl they should take out and which one they like the most because most alpha males are going to have options. 

The reason for this is the way they act. The confidence is shown through how they act. Women are gonna take note and that’s why usually most alpha males are going to be kind of stereotypical. You know good-looking successful guys at the end of the day.

 And if you’re someone reading this and you kind of dislike alpha males because you aren’t one. 

You can always become one through self improvement at the end of the day. 

Most guys will look good with a lean physique and a decent job and a decent place.

It doesn’t really take much to be an alpha male it’s more about independence and confidence and taking care of yourself. 

What Is A Nice Guy?

He’s a nice guy in Giga Chad’s opinion. Is going to be someone who doesn’t have very many options and that’s why they are perceived as a nice guy. 

A nice guy is going to treat women at a different level than a normal Alpha Male would because an alpha male just sees other women. The nice guy is thinking about relationships and how to wife and her up.

This comes from not having many options. Also with not a lot of options you can come off as being too nice because there really isn’t any backbone when someone is disrespecting you.

A good example is a girl showing up 30 minutes late on date. Most alpha males would react in a normal manner hold someone accountable

While the nice guy is going to excuse any bad behavior that has been done around him with a female.

The reason for this is he doesn’t have any other options, they all perceive him in the nice guy persona. 

What Is Better: A Nice Guy Or An Alpha Male?

It’s pretty obvious that being an alpha male is definitely better than being a nice guy. it makes your relationships a lot better going because you’re gonna be treated with more respect and better overall on date.

Instead of being a pushover you’re going to seem like someone who takes authority when it needs to be taken. 

Nice guys aren’t perceived to take authority or check anybody and that’s why they are nice guys because at all times you get an aura of just niceness for no reason and we all know the real reason behind that nice persona. 

It’s because they want to get with the person that they are being nice to. 

These examples are being used in a male to female example. 

Obviously you know some girls are nice to other girls and a guy being nice to other guys isn’t going to make them a nice guy because that’s more of a friendship manner compared to a relationship type of manner. 

Why Do Alpha Males Have More Success?

This can be answered with one simple conclusion: an alpha male has built himself up to be able to succeed when it comes to other facets that nice guys can’t compete with.  

Things like fitness, confidence and game can influence your outcomes. When it comes to women, alpha males are usually more developed when it comes to all attributes compared to nice guys. Now there are many nice guys who don’t get as much as they would think.

But that’s why you have to work on your game. Game is a subjective topic when it comes to dating and alpha males and nice guys have different results when it comes to dating. 

When it comes to dating there are certain things that nice guys do that we’ve been taught to do. When we are younger that advice doesn’t actually work when it comes to dating games. 

When you’re dating it’s very important to make it seem like you are the prize. Certain things that nice guys will do will kind of hurt that representation of yourself. 

When it comes to dating because women want to have someone that is not necessarily easy to get because most women have options so the easy option isn’t their goal.

So certain things like not texting every day and only hitting women up to meet up or call them to schedule a date.

Seems way more of a masculine thing to do than be more of a nice guy where you’re talking to them on the phone a lot and you’re not getting to the point. 

A lot of nice guys can be seen as not direct which is not a good trait to have when it comes to having a good relationship.

Nice guys almost get perceived as being more of a friend than an actual partner in a relationship and that’s one of the key problems with a nice guy and why alpha males will get more success with women.