What is Giga Chad Coin?
Giga Chad Coin is the first cryptocurrency that will implement the infrastructure to create the first practical and usable currency for the internet.

Our goal is to create the first real cryptocurrency.  Giga Chad Coin will be one of the first cryptocurrencies that you will be able to spend Giga Chad for physical products with ease.  A chrome plugin will be developed to easily swap between Giga Chad and other currencies to purchase online items.

Our mission is to create a seamless online payment process for the use of our coin.

Everyone has witnessed inflation have its effect on every economy because of the times we are going through.

We look to create a currency that is utilized every day through online transactions. Stability is key to a currency being used as currency. There will always be ups and downs. Our job is to make sure there are no whales that can dramatically affect the price.

Currently, to ensure the investors of Giga Chad don’t have weak hands. We have implemented a system on discord to ensure that everyone invested in Giga Chad Coin will have stronger hands than the rest. When the investor has a vote on what direction we take. They are more inclined to hold on to Giga Chad Coin compared to other cryptocurrency projects.

Future projects will be decided by the community through a voting method through the discord.

The Giga Chad Protocol

Active discord community members of Giga Chad Coin will be entered in giveaways when milestones are hit
The Giga Chad Coin discord community will be active in the decisions of the development of the project.
Our team strives to innovate the crypto market and our community will be the first to interact with new and upcoming projects.

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